Commercialbank Qatar Masters

Texas set to wow audiences tonight!

Renowned Scottish band Texas are set to wow audiences in Doha as they prepare to play an anthem-packed show at the Commercial Bank Qatar Masters. The band will bring their unique sound to the tournament’s bustling public village following the end of play on Friday 24 January.

Texas have sold more than 30 million albums worldwide and are expected to play a range of hits from their 25-year repertoire including their breakthrough 1989 top ten hit I Don’t Want A Lover and a selection of other tracks from their multi-platinum collection of albums, White On Blonde (1997), The Hush (1999) and their 2000 compilation of Greatest Hits. The band, fronted by Sharleen Spiteri, is also expected to play tracks from their latest album, The Conversation.

Lead singer Sharleen and the band are looking forward to performing to a brand new audience as they arrive in Doha for the very first time. Spiteri said, “It’s lovely to go places you’ve not been before, meeting people and enjoying a bit of a different culture or somewhere you haven’t been. It’s always interesting to take in new experiences and that’s very much what’s happened so far.”

She continued, “It’s always good for us to get the opportunity to play for people who’ve never seen us before. I love a challenge in life so hopefully people are going to walk away from the performance in Qatar thinking ‘wow I really enjoyed that.’ You never know how it’s going to go, who you’re going to meet, what’s going to happen and I find that really exciting to be able to do that.”

Hailing from a land that plays host to some of the world’s leading golf courses, Spiteri and the rest of the Scottish group have a natural affinity with the sport,“I don’t personally play golf but I think I’d be brilliant at it being Scottish! I’m just joking of course but the band play golf and I come from a place where we have some of the best golf courses such as Loch Lomond and St Andrews.”

“You know, golf has really changed from the days when I was growing up and it’s quite rock ‘n’ roll now isn’t it? So many musicians play golf and lots of sportspeople play golf outside their own sports so those worlds have always crossed.”

The Texas concert at the 2014 Commercial Bank Qatar Masters will begin from 6pm on Friday 24 January in the tournament’s public village at Doha Golf Club. Friday single day entry tickets and weekend season tickets include entry to the evening concerts.